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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

How to improve productivity while coworking

In an open-plan venue, keeping up productivity while coworking can be tricky. We recommend these five simple techniques. Like any office setting, coworking spaces with an open floor plan come with benefits and drawbacks. A study exploring the privacy-communication trade-off in open-plan offices found that the “benefits of enhanced ‘ease of interaction’ were smaller than the […]

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Posted by ShareDesk Guest Contributor on

What Brexit Means for a New Generation of Digital Nomads

Guest post by Emily Elwes and Katie Jones: collaborators, co-authors, and members of Flylancer. They share their thoughts on how Brexit will affect Europe’s newest generation of freelancers. Limiting a generation that knows no borders It’s not often that you hear people praising economic hardship, but there is something that we can thank the last global […]

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