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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

4 Surprising Facts from DeskMag’s 2017 Survey of Coworking Members

Join us as we share 4 of our favorite facts from the 2017 DeskMag Global Coworking Survey. We attended GCUC Canada earlier this month and were intrigued to learn some of the key findings included in this year’s DeskMag Global Coworking Survey. While DeskMag often asks coworking space operators questions to compile their findings, DeskMag […]

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Posted by ShareDesk Guest Contributor on

Coworking Manager’s Guide to Fostering Community

Guest contributor Lauren Rabindranath shares what she’s learned about creating a supportive coworking community through her time as a digital nomad and as a Community Manager. Being a Community Manager is no easy task. It requires connecting the basic concept of shared workspace to the varied interests and experiences of your members. One specific group […]

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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

Coworking Manager’s Guide to Appealing to Digital Nomads

What can you do to bring digital nomads (and other prospective drop-in clients) into your coworking space? About 25% of all employees worldwide complete at least some of their work remotely. Some consider themselves to be digital nomads. These perpetual travelers leverage technology to get work done independent of their location while meeting new people and experiencing […]

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