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The Changing Landscape of Coworking

We had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Melissa Mesku, Founding Editor of New Worker Magazine. As an advocate and early-adopter of the coworking lifestyle, Melissa founded New Worker Magazine in 2013, an online publication focused on profiling and bringing together coworking community members. Today, she’s proud that this formerly grassroots movement has […]

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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

Future of Work with Ashley Proctor

Ashley Proctor, founder of multiple coworking spaces,  Executive Producer of GCUC Canada, and founder of COHIP (Coworking Health Insurance Plan).  Outgrowing traditional healthcare Freelancers are gaining undeniable momentum in the modern workforce. The US alone is already home to 54 million freelancers, who make up a whopping 34% of the country’s entire workforce. By 2020, some […]

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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

Future of Work with Lisa Whited

Lisa Whited, Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Workplace Transformation Facilitation (WTF). I recently sat down with Lisa to learn more about her company Workplace Transformation Facilitation, a team of collaborators who transform workspaces to improve employee engagement and happiness. To listen to our full conversation, visit ShareDesk’s SoundCloud page. Founding workplace transformation ...

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Future of Work with Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner, President of Kimball Office, a leading manufacturer of design driven, technology savvy office furniture This week we had a chance to speak with Mike Wagner, one of the thought leaders behind the recent partnership between Kimball Office and ShareDesk. This conversation highlighted some of Mike’s views of the major shifts in the commercial real estate and […]

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