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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

How to improve productivity while coworking

In an open-plan venue, keeping up productivity while coworking can be tricky. We recommend these five simple techniques. Like any office setting, coworking spaces with an open floor plan come with benefits and drawbacks. A study exploring the privacy-communication trade-off in open-plan offices found that the “benefits of enhanced ‘ease of interaction’ were smaller than the […]

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Posted by ShareDesk Guest Contributor on

The Importance of Community in Collaborative Space

Guest blog by Naomi Tosic, co-founder of Sydney-based coworking spaces under The Office Space. The workplace of the future will be more than just a place to do business. It will be 
an essential microcosm of society that is connected, convivial, commercially viable, culturally aware and collectively responsible. The inherent human need for connection, whether professional […]

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Posted by The ShareDesk Team on

Sharing Economy

What’s the concept behind the idea of Sharing Economy? And what’s Collaborative Consumption? Here a short video that explains it all! But is coworking connected in any way with these economic ideas? As pointed out by Angel Kwiatkowski of Cohere Coworking Community in her awesome article on DeskMag (The impact of coworking spaces on the local economy) coworking allows […]

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Posted by Enrico Icardi on

Hello world!

Welcome to the ShareDesk Blog! Let’s start with the definition of the word “share” in which i have replaced sentence examples in order to explain SharedDesks goals and ideas: share 1 |SHe(ə)r|  – noun • use, occupy, or enjoy (something) jointly with another or others: they are sharing a desk in New York | [ no obj. ] […]

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