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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

4 Surprising Facts from DeskMag’s 2017 Survey of Coworking Members

Join us as we share 4 of our favorite facts from the 2017 DeskMag Global Coworking Survey. We attended GCUC Canada earlier this month and were intrigued to learn some of the key findings included in this year’s DeskMag Global Coworking Survey. While DeskMag often asks coworking space operators questions to compile their findings, DeskMag […]

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Posted by Mara Savina Falstein on

Coworking Manager’s Guide to Partnering with a Local Coffee Shop

Coworking spaces, learn how much you’ve got to gain from creating a relationship with your local coffee shop. Coffee shop owners can be a great resource for coworking space managers, as you have great potential to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. Many coworking space managers overlook this opportunity, as they either see coffee shops […]

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