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Learn the four most common reasons why your ShareDesk listing might be hidden.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have such a diverse community of coworking spaces, serviced offices, and business centers from all around the world that choose to list on ShareDesk. We do our best to ensure that if your space fits our criteria, we get your listing live on the marketplace so that our clients can find the perfect space for them.

However, despite our best efforts, some listings are currently hidden from ShareDesk and therefore hidden from prospective clients looking for a space to book. Is yours one of them? There are a few main culprits that can lead to a listing being hidden. Read on to learn how you can correct these mistakes and get your listing live and viewable on ShareDesk.

1. You never submitted your profile for review

By far, the most popular reason a listing isn’t live is that it was never completed and submitted for review. To see if this is the case for your venue:

  1. Head over to
  1. Select Edit your space from the left-hand menu
  1. Check out your status in the top bar

If your status is listed as “Incomplete,” look for tabs which have a red + sign next to them. These tabs are missing key information required in order for you to submit your venue for review. In the above example, the profile is missing information on the “Amenities” and “Marketplace” tabs.

Once you’ve updated your profile and all tabs are showing the green ✓ sign, you’re ready to submit your profile for review! Head over to the Marketplace tab and flip the toggle next to ‘List your space on the ShareDesk Marketplace?’ to YES.

Someone from our team will review your listing with three business days. If your profile is filled out correctly and your venue meets our basic requirements, we will publish your listing. You will receive an email letting you know your venue listing has been approved.

2. You need to set your spaces to “public”

Perhaps your venue listing is live, but none of your spaces (e.g. hot desks, private offices, etc) are showing. This problem is easy to remedy. When you’re building each of the spaces within your venue, there’s a little checkbox within the ‘Pricing’ section next to “List space on the marketplace” that you’ll have to check in order for the space be seen by prospective clients who are viewing your listing.

You can easily check to see if the spaces in your listing are public by heading to Edit your space, selecting the ‘Spaces & Pricing’ tab, and clicking into each space. This is a handy tool when used correctly, as it lets you temporarily remove a space from your listing without requiring you to delete the space entirely (i.e. perhaps all of the dedicated desks at your venue are currently occupied, but you might want to relist dedicated desks when if current tenants end their membership in the future).

3. You need to update your address

If you’ve filled out your listing but can’t find your venue when you search for spaces in your city, chances are your address wasn’t saved properly. To remedy this, head to Edit your space and you’ll find yourself automatically on the ‘Venue’ tab. Check out the ‘Pin on map’ section on the far righthand side of the screen. Is your pin in the correct location? If you need to zoom out to check, click the symbol in the upper righthand corner of the image to engage the full screen version of the map.

If your pin is in the incorrect location, start by re-typing the name of your Town/City, then select the appropriate location from the automatically populated list.

This will ensure you’ve selected the correct State/Province and Country, which is an important step in centering your map. As you continue refining the address, the pin on your map will reposition itself automatically. Continue editing sections of your address until you find the pin is in the correct location.

4. Your listing does not meet our basic requirements

The final reason your listing might not be live is if you submitted your listing for review and the ShareDesk Team found that it wasn’t a good fit for the Sharedesk Marketplace. Why are venues most commonly rejected? Frequently, venues are rejected when they fall outside of our Basic Requirements. The most common reason for a listing not getting approved is when the venue is not either a business center or coworking space. The primary form of revenue for the business must be the renting of desks and meeting rooms.

If your venue isn’t approved, you will receive an email from the Sharedesk Team informing you of this status update.

If you’ve ruled out all four of these as potential reasons why your listing isn’t live, feel free to shoot us an email at and we’ll help you get to the bottom of what might be going wrong.