Mara Savina Falstein is the Community and Content Manager for ShareDesk, the largest platform for flexible workplaces with a network of over 5,000 locations spread across 40+ countries. She explores the ever-evolving coworking movement, sharing the stories and voices of ShareDesk's diverse global community.


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Last week, the ShareDesk team was thrilled to discover our blog had been awarded the top spot in a roundup of the top 60 coworking blogs. It’s an honor we don’t take lightly. The world of coworking is ever-changing, which makes for lots of amazing opportunities when it comes to content. As ShareDesk’s Community & Content Manager, it’s a dream come true for me to spend my workdays dreaming up new ways to create content that resonates with our community, a passionate group of individuals who are busy contributing to the future of work from every corner of the globe.

And honestly, we couldn’t do it without you. Yes you, the wonderful readers who inspire us to create truly stellar blog posts that our diverse community of coworking space operators, digital nomads, remote workers, and others want to read.

But actually…we couldn’t do it without you. Long ago, we realized that the only way to create content worthy of our global community was to have as many perspectives as possible on our blog. It was out of this realization that our original guest contributor platform was born. And it’s served us well, allowing us to showcase a wide variety of perspectives from talented writers from all walks of life.

Kirby Israelson, founder of LAX Coworking, wrote from the heart when she shared her tips on curbing her natural workaholic tendencies. Nomadic film producer Ansley Sawyer shared what life on the road has taught her about productivity when attempting to work in unpredictable circumstances. Workspace Williamsburg’s intern Oliver Cohen researched the ways in which coworking has begun to have a noticeable impact on the corporate world, creating ripple effects on the greater workplace experience. And that’s just the tip of the guest contributor iceberg.

And now, we’re ready to hear from you. We’re revamping our approach to the guest contributor program, and are accepting new applications. If you’ve always wanted to write about coworking, or been on the lookout for an outlet to share your perspective with thousands of coworking enthusiasts from around the globe, now’s your chance.

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