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From all of us at ShareDesk, happy International Coworking Day! We’re thrilled to be a part of this incredible movement, and to celebrate another incredible year of being a part of evolving the way people work. It’s humbling to believe that something which started as a fringe movement by a few forward thinkers has exploded into a true worldwide phenomenon, but the evidence is undeniable–coworking is here to stay. In fact according to the annual DeskMag survey, nearly 1.2 million people will have worked in a coworking space by the end of the year. And what’s more? About 14,000 coworking spaces will be in operation by December, too.

So to celebrate this movement we hold so dear, we asked our diverse, global community a “simple” question: “How has coworking positively impacted your life?” From coworking space operators to freelancers, remote workers to community managers, we got some wonderfully, heart-warming replies which certainly put the “international” in International Coworking Day. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite responses.

“It has given me a vision which I never had, with huge hopes for my future.”

— Ruben Martin, Founder of Cowork Tarraco in Tarragona, Spain

“Coworking is the ideal environment I never knew existed before I found it. It has broadened my professional network, taught me important value-adding skills, allowed me to make new friends, and has connected me to amazing individuals in communities around the globe. I live & breathe coworking.”

— David M. Botwick-Ries, Community Manager of Homestead Coworking in Edmonton, Canada

“It has been my chosen business after my employee life and the challenge of my life to change from ‘nobody’ to ‘somebody’ in the local ecosystem.”

— Peerasak Chanchaiwittaya, Founder of rPod Coworking in Pattaya, Thailand

“Coworking has provided me with an opportunity to learn about and network with people from a variety of diverse industries. In the same day, I can have a conversation with someone about drones they are using for the AgTech industry and speak to someone else about simulation-based first aid training. It is this diversity of background, opinion, and experience that makes it exciting to manage a coworking space.”

— Elise Loterman, Community Dev Manager of deskworx in Melbourne, Australia

“I started managing The Amp coworking space just over a year ago and it is a breath of fresh air! The Amp is a social enterprise anchored by Ecotrust Canada and home to a number of mission driven organizations. I am so fortunate to work alongside these amazing people who are all making such a positive impact in so many different ways. Being surrounded by positivity, innovation and the desire to make the world a better place is inspiring and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch to cowork with :)”

— Nicola Parr, Community Manager of The Amp in Vancouver, Canada

“Coworking offers me the opportunity to structure my time and adjust my work-life balance better.”

— Eric Gould, Mobile Web Developer in Seattle, USA

“Coworking has introduced me to the most incredible global network of indie workers. It’s amazing to have resources and support in my own city and around the world.”

— Ashley Proctor, Executive Producer of GCUC Canada and Executive Director of 312 Main in Vancouver, Canada

“Coworking makes me feel that I’m a part of a growing, exciting community. Other than just focusing on my own thing (and stressing about it), coworking opens my eyes for something bigger than myself. It definitely increased my quality of life. You can’t meet and bond with cool people everyday unless you’re in coworking space.”

— Batzorig Sukhbat, Community Manager of CLUB Coworking in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

“Since starting my coworking space my productivity has improved and my outlook towards my business has dramatically changed. I am more focused and more determined than ever. The people around me and the ideas we bounce off each other are making a positive impact not only to me but to the other business owners in the coworking space.”

— Tom McCrorie, Founder of Sharespace in Prestwick, Scotland

Once again, we’re so happy to be a part of this wonderful community. Happy International Coworking Day to you and to your own local community of inspiring individuals committed to our shared vision of reimagining the future of work.