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Learn how to improve the visibility of your venue’s ShareDesk listing and in turn, earn more bookings.

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One of the most frequent questions we get from our ShareDesk Venue Partners is “what can I be doing to increase my bookings through ShareDesk?” With this Coworking Manager’s Guide, we hope help answer this. We’ll discuss improving your ShareDesk listing, how to increase your visibility, and marketing your venue more directly towards those searching for rooms or desks on our marketplace.

Make sure your venue isn’t hidden and your information is up to date

This is the single most important point–make sure your ShareDesk listing is active. A hidden profile is invisible to those searching for space in your city. There are a number of reasons your venue profile might be hidden from the marketplace. If you don’t respond to booking requests in a timely manner, if you never complete your profile and submit it for review, or you fail to respond to an email from us asking you to update your profile’s details, your venue will become hidden from the ShareDesk site. For reference, here’s what an incomplete profile looks like:

incomplete ShareDesk profile

Have you verified that your venue profile is in fact hidden and you’d like to get it listed again? First, check that your profile is in fact 100% complete. Sections that aren’t complete will have a red ‘+’ (see above). If your profile is 100% complete and you’re wondering why your venue was not approved or was hidden, read our blog article about the four most common reasons your listing might not be live.

Introduce your host and add a meaningful description

Who will be greeting your clients? Putting a face to a name makes people feel more comfortable visiting a new venue. Many coworking spaces simply set the host’s name to something generic, like “Coworking Manager” or the name of their venue and put their venue’s logo as the host’s image. This is a missed opportunity to establish trust with your prospective clients. In the example below, Vallarta Cowork has Chase listed as their host with an image and an informative description. This means that when someone books a desk at Vallarta, they know who to look for when they get there if they have any questions.

Vallarta cowork sharedesk profile

Prospective clients can usually tell when you’re writing a generic description or copying one from your website. The first two lines of your venue’s description is valuable real estate, so make it count. It’s important to grab their attention quickly, because that might be all the time you have. Share what sets your venue apart as unique. What kinds of people visit your space? What’s great about your neighborhood? Adding theses kinds of details can entice someone to take a chance and hit “book.”

For example, Pacific Workplaces knows what it’s selling and makes it immediately clear in their description, which opens with:

“Impress clients with stunning Bay Views at Pacific Workplaces in San Francisco!”

The Farm SoHo sets itself apart from the New York competition in its description. In a densely populated market like NYC, The Farm concentrates on selling its community.

“Join NYC’s most engaged community of designers, developers, social change agents, artists and entrepreneurs that have converged to share ideas, innovate and learn in a collaborative and nurturing environment.”

Understand our audience (and cater to them)


While dedicated desks and private offices may be the focus of the membership section of your website, your marketplace listing should emphasize hot desk listings and meeting/conference rooms. Our audience is looking for space on-demand, so make sure you have options which cater to them. While we do get some bookings for private offices, dedicated desks, and month-long memberships, bookings by the day and hour are much more frequent.

Encourage your clients to leave reviews on your venue listing

Reviews on your ShareDesk listing are an essential, often overlooked part of building a compelling profile. People generally respect the opinions of their peers more than the business’s own marketing efforts, since fellow coworking clients don’t have a vested interest in promoting the venue.

Perhaps most importantly, reviews left on your venue’s profile improve your rankings in ShareDesk’s search algorithm. This means that when a prospective client searches for coworking spaces in your city, your venue is more likely to be one of the first results they see. This is especially important if you run a venue in a densely-populated coworking city (such as New York or Berlin).

Also, as an added bonus, reviews left on your venue never disappear. Unlike some marketplace platforms, review left on a ShareDesk listing never expire. This means that a venue that gets regularly reviewed will also help signal to prospective clients that your venue is active.

Include engaging photos

We’ve talked about this topic extensively (for review, read our Coworking Manager’s Guide to Photographing Your Venue). But to summarize, photos are important. Really, really important. They allow your prospective clients to literally visualize what working in your space will be like, making them more likely to book.

A few of the most important considerations:

  • Include people. Empty spaces are unappealing. You’re not marketing to real estate professionals or interior designers; you’re looking to attract freelancers and workers who want to know that your space is somewhere they can get work done, collaborate, and/or socialize. Make sure your photos reflect the vibe you’re hoping to attract.
  • Great lighting is key. This may go without saying, but indoor photography can be tricky. Natural light is best, followed by professionally lit. Try and avoid artificial light as much as possible.
  • Showcase special features. What makes your space unique? Instead of simply telling them in your description, show them in your images. Do you have a beautiful staircase? Are you in a restored heritage building? Will the beauty of your meeting rooms make their jaws drop? Show them!
Help us promote your space

We love finding opportunities to showcase our diverse, global community of partner venues. Ensuring we have a variety of perspectives on our blog is very important to us. We have a guest contributor program which makes it possible for us to share the thoughts, advice, and perspective of our partner venues and the freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who find coworking spaces on our marketplace. As an example, Yasmin Desai shared with us her tips for partnering with a coworking space, based on her experience running community for Winkley Studios and Cooks Yard. Why write for the blog? It offers you visibility to our audience, as we promote our blog posts on our social media channels and share them in our biweekly newsletters, and gives you a chance to share your insights with our global community. To be considered as a guest contributor, fill out our guest contributor submission form.

If writing’s not your thing, you can also contribute images. We keep an ongoing database of  images from our ShareDesk venue partners. We include these in articles on our blog. When we use one of our venue partner’s images, the image hyperlinks directly to your venue’s ShareDesk listing, driving traffic to your profile. For example the above photo is from Level Office in Dallas, Texas. If you click the photo, it will bring you to their listing on ShareDesk. To submit photos to the ShareDesk blog, email with the Subject line “Images for the ShareDesk blog.”

Finally, our biweekly newsletters include four “featured spaces.” These spaces must have completed profiles and beautiful images to be considered. To submit your space for consideration, fill out this typeform.

We hope this helps give you some insight into making the most of your ShareDesk listing. Have any helpful tips to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!