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This week, we share our top five tips for taking photographs which capture the spirit of your coworking space.

Running the ShareDesk marketplace, it should come as no surprise that we we’ve seen our fair share of coworking venue photos. They’re an integral part of our ShareDesk venue partner profiles and are often the factor which leads our members to book a new space. After sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of photographs, we’ve noticed a few patterns which set the truly successful venues ahead of the pack.

Story Louisville, a ShareDesk Venue Partner

Don’t forget the people

Without a doubt, this is the single most underrated element of compelling coworking photographs. The most successful coworking spaces include photographs featuring people candidly interacting, collaborating, and connecting. Remember that you’re selling a lifestyle and a community. Those searching for a quiet alone space would simply choose to work from home. Those searching for a coworking space are trying to get away from feeling lonely and isolated. Photographs of an empty space, no matter how beautiful, run the risk of isolating your target audience.

Consider the process real estate agents go through when putting a house on the market. They don’t invite people over to see the empty space; they stage the house to look more like a lived-in home. They know that they need to help frame the prospective buyer’s experience in order to land the sale. The same goes for your coworking space.


Use natural light over fluorescent

If your office has windows, why not showcase them? No one likes feeling trapped in the artificial glow of florescent lights. Coworking space members want freedom. They want an inspirational space. Natural light also softens edges, which will make your office feel more inviting. Early morning and late afternoon are generally the best times to shoot. Your ideal time of day is dependent on which direction your windows face.

Rainmaking Loft

Showcase unique features

What makes your space special? What do coworking space members love about your space that they can’t find elsewhere? As the coworking movement gains popularity, venue hosts must consider how they’re standing out from the competition. Your photographs are a great opportunity to showcase interior design focal points. If you’re struggling to come up with some unique feature to photograph, consider why. It might be time to add some flair, which can be anything from a mural to some new furniture. Consider your branding and stay consistent. Get creative.

Local Coworking, a ShareDesk Venue Partner

Shoot from the member’s perspective

It’s common practice to include more bird’s eye shots or wide angles. While these types of photographs manage to showcase more of the space in a single image, variety is important. Make sure to also include photographs which capture the space as if seen through the eyes of the members. Photographing at eye level allows viewers to imagine themselves inside the space, making prospective members more likely to come for their first visit.

Kolektif House, a ShareDesk Venue Partner

Frame your venue as a social space

Events are an integral part of most coworking spaces’ sense of community. Many freelancers move to coworking spaces because working from home is too lonely. This makes your social events a big selling point to prospective members. Activities outside of regular working hours provide an atmosphere where members can socialize, connect, and get inspired. Photographing your venue during events is also a great way to showcase your venue’s ability to transform. This is especially important in venues with wide open spaces designed specifically as flex spaces.

 Do you have stellar photographs?

We’re passionate about shining the spotlight on our wonderful ShareDesk venue partners. We keep a database of photos showcasing our lovely spaces to use for blog posts on our site or guest blogs, ensuring that we support our venues and offer them shout outs in the process. If you have photos you’d like to share with us, please get in touch: