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Jacob Morgan, keynote speaker and author of The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization.


The future of work is a topic frequently talked about, but what does it actually mean? Are we talking about millennials or globalization? Maybe robots or artificial intelligence? Well… technically, all of the above.

We had a chance to chat with Jacob Morgan and get his perspectives on how the future of work is evolving.

You’ve been exploring themes around the future of work for the past eight years. How has your perspective evolved?

The future of work is a massive topic so I’ve definitely been learning quite a bit. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that there are many “futures of work.” There isn’t just one path that all companies are going to follow, there are many. The more I learn and the more companies I speak or work with, the more excited I get. I believe this is the most exciting time for business!

In your book, you talk about mobility as one of the five trends shaping the future of work. Tell us more about what this means.

Most people think of mobility in terms of technology, which while applicable, is limiting. I think of mobility as this idea of being able to stay connected and productive anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


The new theme for the future of work is “connect to work”; work is something you carry with you in your pocket which means your office is where you make it.

Our community is made up thousands of shared offices, what insights can you share with them on how they can create a unique office experience?

I actually have a whole series that I’m working on around this exact topic but I can give a bit of a sneak peek here. When speaking with companies, the employee experience is something I define as being comprised of three environments: 1) the technology environment (the tools you use) 2) the physical environment (where you work) 3) the cultural environment (what it’s like to work at the company).



To create a successful experience organizations, or shared office spaces, must invest in all three areas. I think the best advice I can give is to find out what the people who work there care about. Bring others into the decision making process.

What are your predictions for the future of the freelancer movement?

Technically I’ve been a freelancer for almost the past decade and I have tremendous respect and admiration for this community, they kick ass :) Most people don’t realize that being a freelancer is the same thing as being a business owner and entrepreneur. It’s extremely challenging. I think the freelancer community will continue to grow. We won’t completely see full-time employment disappear but you can absolutely expect freelancing to become much common which means it’s extremely important to market and build a brand around your work!

How have the organizations you’ve worked with approached letting their employees work remotely, say from other shared office spaces?

Flexibility is actually becoming much more than an office perk, it’s a valuable competitive advantage. Virtually every organization I speak with is either deploying or has deployed some kind of program to support this way of of working.


To enable this, organizations have to rely on having the right technologies, the right management in place to support and encourage this, and the right type of employees that can be self-driven and motivated. It requires change in many areas but it’s happening, and fast!

Favorite Disney movie when you were a kid?

I always loved Aladdin and the Goofy Movie :)

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