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Ben Terry, Creative Director at The Park, a Louisville coworking space for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to be inspired.Ben_Terry

The Park is dedicated to ending the old way of working. A space that caters to passionate entrepreneurs and creatives alike. Open, an interior that screams innovation, and epithets sprawled across its walls intensely promoting the tenets of community and relationships.We had the chance to speak with Ben Terry, The Park’s awesome Creative Director about their space, community life and his true allegiance when it comes to NCAA basketball.

The Park’s mission statement mentions that “working in community inspires innovation.” Tell us more about what that means.

The beauty of community is diversity.

Organic interaction and engagement is something we look to cultivate amongst our members. A community that works for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects will bring different perspectives and insight to new ideas and projects. People are more likely to try new things or take more risks with confidence in a coworking space since there is little direct competition or internal politics. It also helps that everyone around you is trying something new or taking some kind of risk.

This common circumstance, analogous across most of our members, is the underpinning of our community here at The Park. That’s why it’s the norm to help each other out, to collaborate, and even commiserate, with one another as each organization matures and grows.

Finally, the variety of workers in our space means that there’s often little skillset for want. If you need a designer or developer, you can easily borrow one from a neighboring company in the space, or someone who knows someone will help connect you with what you need.

What are the top 3 things that potential coworking space managers should consider when starting up their coworking outfit?

1. Community over profit.

We don’t have customers we have peers, so if our coworking space wins then the coworking community wins.

2. Aesthetics.

We believe people’s work matters and they should work in a place that inspires. We continually assess our space and look for ways to keep it a well-designed work environment.


3. Management tools.

You need technology to manage your space. Without it, it’s hard to grow and satisfy your members. You will want to use the best tools out there to manage your coworking space in the most efficient way possible.</span>

You have a pretty amazing and innovative location. How does an open environment like yours benefit your members?

Open environments allow for flexibility and variety. For example, some days people want to sit by the window and other days they may want to be alone in the back at a standing desk. This open environment gives people the ability to move, to change scenery when they please, and change the way they want to work, whether that be at a desk or lounging on a sofa.

We believe that openness and flexibility give way to great ideas and concepts. I mean, when was the last time you had a great idea sitting in a cubicle?

They say “technology breeds innovation.” What kinds of technology are you guys using to operate your space?

We use Sharedesk Optix to help operate our space. It;s hard for any business because of the wealth and variety of tools available to do just about anything. With Optix, we found it to be the best all-in-one package for managing our members, conference rooms, and outside visitors looking for a place to work for the day.


Bobcats or Cardinals?


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