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Cecilia Tham, Founder of Makers of Barcelona

Cecilia Tham is the founder of Makers of Barcelona, one of Barcelona’s first and largest coworking and maker spaces, hosting over 200 creative professionals and 35 companies. Housed in a former textile factory in the center of Barcelona’s bustling city center, Makers of Barcelona (MOB) claims to be “the platform for change”, both in and around the community.


Known as the Mastermind behind the space, we reached out to Cecilia to learn more about MOB and her story. “Growing up as a Chinese American, I have always been the underdog, or the black sheep,” Cecilia shared, which she said happened all over again when she moved to Barcelona twelve years ago.

“I didn’t know the language. I felt like I didn’t have anywhere to go, and I was desperate to be connected.”

She decided to focus her energy and passion on opening MOB, the first maker space and one of the first large scale coworking spaces in Barcelona. “I wanted to be plugged into the the professional world, and be social as well”, Cecilia says.  Almost three years later, Cecilia can confidently say that she achieved this. She even refers to the space as ‘Monica’s House’ from the tv-show ‘Friends’, “a space with no boundaries or labels”.

When we asked Cecilia what her favorite part of running a coworking space was, she said the people. “I get to meet new people all the time and be introduced to new initiatives; it’s very fluid, like a river.”

Cecilia envision’s the future of work to be one of transforming thinkers into makers. She defines a maker as “a person that is self sufficient, passionately driven, fully capable and highly motivated.” Cecilia believes that for the first time in human history, we have the capability to do anything we want.

“I believe we are towards the end of the digital revolution, and we are now in the process of turning all of this information into something real. And we will do this through maker movement.”

Makers of Barcelona have been a part of the ShareDesk community since 2012. Here is what Cecila had to say when we asked her about her experience with ShareDesk.

“We have been a ShareDesk Venue Partner for the past two years. ShareDesk has been a great source for generating quality leads and building our community.”

Interested in collaborating with the creative professionals at Makers of Barcelona? Book a work or meeting space at MOB now!
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