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We already know the benefits of working in a flexible workspace over a home office, but what about working from a coffee shop or a library? Are they good alternatives to working from home? We are here to outline a few reasons why a flexible workspace is better for you and your business.

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A comparison of the coffee shop, library and flexible workspace

When thinking about the reasons why we like working in a coffee shop, a few things come to mind such as the coffee (or tea, for the health conscious goers), the constant hum of chatter and noise, and overall, a nice change of scenery. When it comes to libraries, they are quite and free, and usually there is a corner or two that you can make feel your own. So, why chose a flexible workspace?

The people

Running a successful business comes down to the people. Flexible workspaces attract a range of different people: freelancers, entrepreneurs, and mobile professionals, that are all investing in their productivity by joining a shared or serviced office environment. This allows for serendipitous moments and newly sparked opportunities. While you are grabbing coffee, you may just run into your next potential client or collaborator. You will be surrounded by not only your team, but your community, your mentors, and friends.

The space

Flexible workspaces provide you with, well… a productive environment, on flexible terms. If you are someone who can’t stay in one desk for more than a week, many coworking spaces provide you with the option to switch it up when you need to. Switch desks, book a meeting room for the day, go to a partner space. If you are looking for silence, you can book a meeting room or find a desk in your own quite corner.

The Value

The value you can get from working at a service office space or coworking space, compared to what you pay, is well worth it. Instead of investing in an alternative that won’t provide you with exposure to a new potential network or any flexibility of how or where you work, consider a flexible workspace. If you still aren’t sold, think about it this way. You want a professional environment in which you can conduct your day to day, grow your business, and be surrounded by great people, right? Can you really do that in a coffee shop? Or a library?

Give it a try, and let us know what you think. Find your next space on ShareDesk