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We’re excited to announce a new milestone. With a network of over 1,500 locations in 65 countries; ShareDesk is now the leading global platform for flexible workplaces. We want to thank you for your continued support!

Over the past year, we’ve focused on building a trusted platform for people to discover and share workplaces around the world. Looking ahead, we will continue building key tools to facilitate the productivity of both people and workplaces.

A new model of work has emerged, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Over the last decade, technological advancements have minimized the need for employees to be as physically present in a traditional, fixed, office setting. At the heart of this change is the ubiquity of high-speed Internet access, mobile technologies and cloud-based collaboration tools. This is changing the nature of employee relationships and requires better technologies to create effective collaborations.

At the heart of this shift is the nature of the workplace itself, from four office walls and cubicles, to the emergence of new flexible workplace models that allows employees to work from anywhere, anytime. The future of work and workplaces will be designed around the individual to allow more flexibility and productivity.


We’re excited about the opportunity to help large organizations better access mobile workplace solutions. These solutions will help enterprise companies and millions of professionals gain more flexibility in how they access work and meeting spaces around the world. This brings us a step closer towards our vision of building a more flexible future for mobile workers!

ShareDesk launches out of Beta

  • Julie

    Great job! I can’t wait to hear more about the development of Optix. Coworking spaces will need it!

  • Carlo Perez

    Great stuff! Love the new design and looking forward to seeing the apps!

    • Thanks Carlo. We’re in the middle of building Optix and we’ll let you know once it’s out and ready for testing :)

  • Adriana

    Hi, We are glad we started working with you at this great moment, Congratulations