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Hello world!

We have an exciting update for all of you sharing workplaces on ShareDesk! This update allows you to complete and edit your workplace listing in an easier, quicker and fun format.

We decided to move in this direction for two main reasons. First, in-page editing requires less clicking back-and-forth and effort which makes the experience of adding a new space more fluid

Second, it provides a better perspective of what the end result will look like and reduce the likeliness of missing information. As you work through updating your profile and workplace information, you will see appear as you go. This enables you to easily fix any obvious inconsistencies.

Picture selection


This is the new PHOTO GALLERY upload section. You can add photos via traditional upload or drag-and-drop, add caption for each photo added, delete a photo with one simple click, and select your main workplace profile picture by clicking the ‘green star’ button.

Basic Info


The BASIC INFO section is where you can edit your workspace name, motto, description and main contact details. When clicking on the “Edit Basic Info” button, a modal box will popup where you can input or change the desired details (see right side of the screenshots).



Adding and editing pricing details has never been easier on ShareDesk. Within the WORKSTATIONS modal there is a handy “Test Booking options” button that allows you to check if the pricing plans are correctly set up. The screenshots below show the pricing plan manager that you can setup within each workstation.



At the bottom of the page you can edit the contacts details of your workspace, including social profiles, website and location.


New Dashboard

We have also redesigned your personal profile dashboard to make it fit better with the look and feel of the application. From here you can manage your booking requests and messages.

Click here to login into your dashboard. We hope you enjoy the changes!