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As we promised, we brought you the hourly booking feature. An essential tool to allow our users to book meeting rooms, conference rooms and desks by the hour.


With this new feature, you are able to book spaces by the hour- perfect for a drop-in work session at a coworking space, or meeting with clients.

Booking for Teams

Do you need a workspace for your team? Looking for a space for your team of  2, 3, or 10? Now you can make reservations for multiple people on ShareDesk. This should simplify the search and booking process even more. Simply choose the number of desk you need, and book them with a single reservation.


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  • Nancy

    As a space manager… is the new booking capability automatically implemented?

    • sharedesk

      Hi Nancy,
      yes, absolutely.

      The multiple people booking is automatically implemented for all the non-shareable workstation (eg. a hot desk or a fixed desk are non-shareable workstation, while a meeting room is a shareable one :-).

      Hourly booking is automatically implemented if you have a workstation setted up with a by the hour price plan.