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This is our third 2013 post, and it’s filled with some very important updates: from a brand new payment system, passing by an improved Search, and going to the “Custom Request” shiny new feature, here’s a detailed outlook of what we’ve been doing during the holidays.

New Payment System

15_percentThe first and most important change is the way payment are collected on the website.

Before, our Users had to pay the full amount in order to make a booking. We would collect the payment, and then Hosts had to request a withdrawal in order to receive the money.

Things works a little differently now: we’ll only collect the 15% of the price of a booking, while the users will pay the remaining 85% directly to the Hosts on the check-in day (or on any other day, in case of special arrangement with the Host).

The reasoning behind this is that we want to keep the pricing as flexible as possible: paying the whole price in advance for a 6 months reservation is kind of unfair, and it was going against the whole “flexible terms” concept.

So basically if you are booking a 250$/Month Flexi Desk for two months, you will:

  • Pay 75$ online at the time of the booking (which is the 15% of 250*2)
  • Pay the remaining 425$ directly to the host, within the timeframe arranged with her/him.

Feel free to review our Terms of Service, updated accordingly to these changes.


For those who feel uncomfortable using a Credit Card to pay online, we now give the possibility to pay via PayPal, one of the most used (and reliable) online payment system.


New Feature: Need a Custom Solution? Use our Custom Request!

We’ve received a constant flow of requests for custom solutions: small companies in need of a new office, startups looking for their first HQ and so on. We’ve been there too, looking for an office in Berlin, San Francisco and Vancouver, so we know how important is to find special arrangements for your business.

That’s why we’ve launched a (still basic) tool to request a custom solution: simply adjust the area you want to work in with a fancy circle-on-the-map selector, fill the form with your request, and we’ll do the rest.


Improved Search

The look of the Search function has been highly improved, boasting a higher readability for an easy comparison of the results.

In addition, you’re not forced anymore to pick between the easy-to-navigate List View, and the cool-to-look-at Map View: both Map and List coexist in the same screen, allowing you to easily scroll through the search results and, at the same time, compare their position on the map.

New York Coworking and Shared Office   ShareDesk

New Search Algorithm

But the Search is not just fancier than ever, it’s also smarter, as we changed the algorithm that orders the list of results.

Results can now be ordered by Price, Proximity and Relevance. Price and Proximity do not need any further explanation, but some words should be spent on Relevance.

Relevance is the default display order, and it’s based on three main factors: the proximity of the listing to the requested address, the number of active and former members showcased on the workspace page (this is calculated keeping in mind the size of the space as well), and the completeness of the workspace profile.

So, more members you’ll invite the more your workspace will ramp up the search results ladder.

On the other hand, by using this sorting method we’ll ensure that after a search our Users will get results with:

  • More complete workspace profiles, so that they can be evaluated by their culture
  • Workspace profiles that belong to more active users, so that response times to booking requests and enquiries are shortened down

Moreover, Hosts can now invite their member via Facebook and LinkedIn

Improved Look

Apart from the aforementioned changes, we tweaked the whole look and feel of the website.

We now have nicer Personal Profiles


A more compelling Add Space Page


A more useful How it Works Page

How ShareDesk Works

And a new design for the workstations on the Workspace Page

the HiVE   Coworking Space in Gastown  Chinatown  Crosstown  Vancouver