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We Promised you community features, your delivery has arrived! 

Contrary to popular believe, the lower the price of a workspace does not always increase its likeliness of success. The positive attitude towards pricing is something transient, not permanent, especially when the economy is stable, people are less concerned with costs, and more focused on opportunities.The real, permanent added value of a coworking space are people and content.

That is why we have taken some early steps towards building a more community-oriented platform. We’ve engaged in lengthy conversations with our users and vendors, then taken a closer look at our development pipeline to make room for some features that could bring value to both sides. We are building a user-centric marketplace, and we thought the best way to start is to introduce our community product; ShareDesk Connect!

Showcase Your Community

ShareDesk workspaces build a community around their physical facilities, a physical professional network. With ShareDesk Connect!, users are now able to look beyond the basic criteria of location, amenities, price, space, and discover who is working at the space, what they do, and whether the space is good fit- incorporating industry relevance into the decision criteria to help users decide on their next workspaces. Check out the screenshots below for a sneak peak of ShareDesk Connect!.

Fellow, and aspiring coworkers will now be able to see who is currently working in a given shared workspace, while the Host will have the possibility to confirm the status of that member in their dashboard. The community of a workspace will be showcased on the brand new “People” tab on their space profile page, allowing manager and owners to build a physical professional network in their workspace.


There is also an option for building an ‘Alumni’ group. Users can simply click “I Worked here” to be featured as part of the “Alumni group” of their previous workspace.

Personal Profiles

The “People” tab gives you a quick preview of the community currently working in that space. Each member has an individual Personal profile card. Personal profile cards indicating the member’s industry, profession(s) and personal skills, as well as the places where they’ve been working. Users will now be able to pick their preferred workspace not only by prices and amenities, but also by industry relevance- by seeing who is  currently working there.

personal profiles

Networking & Instant Messaging

Elaborating on the feedback received by our users, we understood that there was somewhat a lack of member/ host and member-member connectivity on ShareDesk. That’s why we have implemented an internal messaging and peer-connectivity features to help you discover and connect with people in workspace communities.  You’ll be able to contact other members, as well as the coworking owner/manager, in case you have some question about the space and its services.

What can you do?

If you are a host, invite your members to join your community. If you are a coworker, find your workspace and help your community grow. If you haven’t joined Sharedesk, you can add your space: it’s simple and free!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any feedback or suggestion :)