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Hello world, The NEW ShareDesk has finally arrived!

If you have a workspace listed on Sharedesk, please log in now and review, it will only take a couple of minutes.

What’s New

New Name

Some users suggested that our previous name, SharedDesks, was a bit difficult to pronounce, with the double ‘D’ and the ‘SKS’ at the end. So, we listened. We are now officially, ShareDesk

Short, simple, and sweet: we really hope you like it.

New Design

The first thing that you’ll notice is a completely new design. The design was lead by Dario and Ale, who crafted a beautiful, user-centric design. We hope that you enjoy the changes, and the attention to detail.

Booking Capability

We now have a booking system in place to help you to accept new members. This is the most flexible booking platform for shared spaces. Meaning, whether you are looking for short-term, or long-term space, we have the capability to help you with the booking.

Complete Control & Flexibility in Showcasing Your Pricing

With our conversion to a ‘workstation’ pricing model, you are able to add multiple price plans for any ‘Workstation’ in your space. Meaning you can add hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly rates to any available workstation in your space. The new user interface makes it easy for you to add, edit, or remove any of these workstations quickly.

The most beautiful part is that you have complete control and flexibility in how you set and manage your workstations and pricing. Think of it as ‘custom workstation’ + ‘custom pricing’ = total flexibility.

Do you have a more unique pricing models that include certain amenities, or services? We have ‘Custom Plans’ to help you showcase those as well.

Minimum Lease

Do you want user to book for at least one week? Or two months? You can easily do that via the ‘Minimum Lease’ option.

Check-in and Check-out dates

Users can book workspaces selecting check-in and check-out dates. ShareDesk will calculate the best rate based on standard plans. If the workspace has multiple pricing for that particular time period, the user can choose his/her preferred option.


We have developed a Knowledge Base and tried to keep it as simple as possible. To help you find answers to your questions, quickly.

What’s Next

We have been working closely with our partners, and users; listening carefully to our community for new ideas, and suggestions.

We know that one of the most requested features is a better way to manage and connect the community that gravitates around a workspace. New community-related tools and capabilities are near the top of our list. This is something that we have been working on, and looking to introduce shortly.

Will continue to focus on how we can improve our core product by focusing on our value proposition. Of course, we do have some surprises, so please stay tuned!

We truly appreciate your support.


~ Cassi & The ShareDesk Team