Creative Coworking in Downtown Wichita

The Labor Party is Wichita's premier coworking space; a simple ideal that creative freelancers, independent professionals or small companies can work together under the same roof to meet with clients away from home or the coffee shop, receive mail and deliveries, and interact with other creative professionals, and build a community. All while reducing the overhead generally associated with a traditional office space.

We're set up and ready to go. All the time. Go from zero to productivity in as much time as it takes to grab a cuppa joe, sit down at one of our workstations and connect to our blazing-fast WiFi.

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 8
Desk 10
ft² 10
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:30
Sat closed
Sun closed

The Labor Party

Wichita (Downtown Wichita) — Kansas, UNITED STATES

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Hot desk

Member 1people

Our coworking space includes seating at desks and in our lounge area. As a Party Member, you have access to such amenities as coffee, wi-fi, meeting room reservations, 24/7 access and a networked printer/copier. Not to mention the sweet satisfaction of wo

  • 20 USD / Day
  • 75 USD / Month