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Weserland is a cozy coworking space in the heart of Neukölln with a personal style that welcomes all of you - students, creatives, programmers, writers, journalists, artists, small startups or even someone who just needs a temporary place to do their tax declaration. As we started weserland to escape from cubicle world, we banned all the inhabitants from that fearful past: neonlight batteries, light-grey stinky carpetings, 2 gallon "coffee" reservoirs and corporate compliant system desks. Instead we ... just have a look at the gallery :)

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 4
Desk 18
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 00:00 - 23:30
Sat 00:00 - 23:30
Sun 00:00 - 23:30


Weserstraße 21
Berlin — Berlin, GERMANY

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Working at Weserland was a truly refreshing and inspiring for me. Felix is a great host. People working in Weserland are very open-minded, friendly and respectful, which made working there a pleasure. I definitely recommend Weserland as a great co-working space to work in.

I was working for a week in Berlin and booked a single hot desk at Weserland. I had an amazing time as they provide a very solid WiFi and you have 24/7 access to the space. I can absolutely recommend Wesserland when you're in Berlin and you're looking for a place to work.

Definitely one of the nicest spaces i have been to. In Summer you can even sit on a wooden bench in front of the office and work form there (if your screen is bright enough ;)

Been working here for a long time, absolutely lovely cooperative friendly community and pleasant vibe, not impersonal like a lot of the other places I've tried.

Mike Fayer - Weserland review Mike Fayer

ein schöner kleiner coworking space im Herzen von Kreuzkölln, mit vielen Kreativen :)

I've spent 3-4 months in Weserland and i've to say that is the perfect spot to be and even just pass by if you live around Neukoelln, especially in summer.
You will immediately be absorbed into the family feeling and the positive energy of the place. Nice crowd!

This coworking space is accessible 24/7 thanks to a personal code that you can type into a keypad mounted on the front door (on street level), it offers many cheap opportunity for lunch, it has good recreational places around and you'll sure be introduced to everything that is around there by the super welcoming hosts: Zac, Felix and Schorsch.

Hot desk

Table - floating space 1people

You just sit down wherever you want on one of our beautiful big wooden tables. Perfect if you need inspiration, personal exchange and other people around you to move forward.

  • 10 EUR / Day
  • 75 EUR / Month

Fixed desk

from 150.00 EUR/Month 1people

Have your own desk, but a smaller one, like the one on the picture! Is big enough for one person, but not as big as the fixed table. The difference is that this table is small and you won't be able to install many things, but you can work with your pe

  • 150 EUR / Month

Fixed desk

from 200.00 EUR/Month 1people

Your very own desk in our quite side room. Perfect if you are looking for a place to concentrate and get things done i a friendly but quiet atmosphere. Your own desk means you can leave all your personal belongings at your place.

  • 200 EUR / Month

Conference room

from 40.00 EUR/Hour 40people

Use Weserland as your creative environment for various occasions :)

  • 40 EUR / Hour