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WeWork Labs features an open floor plan of hot desks and dedicated desks to accommodate early stage companies as they grow. The companies, events, and space itself are curated in order to assist our members in bringing their ideas to successful fruition.

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 8
Desk 122
ft² 5000
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00
Sat closed
Sun closed

WeWork Labs

156 2nd St
San Francisco (SOMA) — CA, UNITED STATES

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Hot desk

Hot desk 1people

Our open concept space can accommodate 80, and doubles as event space in the evenings where we stage happy hours, panel discussions, and tech MeetUps. Hot desks are three chairs to a table, and afford members access to a dynamic group of startups who are ready to share ideas, share advice, or share a beer in the game room!

  • 350 USD / Month

Fixed desk

from 400.00 USD/Month 1people

Dedicated desks are located adjacent to the atrium of WeWork Labs, behind a second set of keycard access doors. Seats are two per table, with a dedicated locking filing cabinet and desk lamp. Bring your monitor, favorite potted plant, and desk toys to make your space your own!

  • 400 USD / Month