Huge office space available

Large Office Space For Monthly Rent

1400 square foot office space + conference room located in the dogpatch neighborhood

We are looking for a small start-up or tech company to share our second office that is not being used at the moment. The space comes furnished with 6 desks, internet electrical and lounge area with couches and a restroom. There is also a ping pong table located in the space. Street parking is available.

There is plenty of space to add more desks if needed.

Corporate office Details
Rooms 2
Desk 6
ft² 1400
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 00:00 - 00:00
Sat 00:00 - 00:00
Sun closed

Dogpatch Office Space

2415 3rd Street Ste 239
San Francisco (Dog Patch) — California, UNITED STATES

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Group of desks

Xl desk 6people

The space currently has 6 desks with room to add plenty more if needed. Each desk is currently set up with electrical and internet. Rent is for the entire space.

  • 3000 USD / Month

Conference room

from 3000.00 USD/Month 5people

20X 20 conference room located in the back of the space with plenty of natural light

  • 3000 USD / Month