Modern and open workspace for data-driven startups

In our office and building you'll find data startups, hardware startups, and even food startups! The ideal addition to our growing community will be an early stage startup and possible user. The office is new and will continue to see improvements over the coming month or so, such as additional plants, increase to the natural light, and additional aesthetic improvements.

Starting off the day: Whether you ride a bike or ride public transportation, getting to our office each and everyday is a breeze. We're located 4 blocks south of Market St. and 4 blocks north of the Caltrain station. If you bike, bring it on in and hang it on our rack (not shown in the photos).

Working: The office has an open layout but has 2 conference rooms, a phone booth, and an enclosed patio for privacy or team meetings. We hope the open layout, access to white boards, and inviting atmosphere will lead to cross-team collaboration and community building.

Sound/light: The office isn't a library. Please don't be surprised by the sound of meetings or soft music being played; but there isn't so loud that an Engineer can't block it out with headphones.

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 3
Desk 4
ft² 4
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 08:00 - 22:00
Sat closed
Sun closed

Data Driven SOMA Office

212 Clara Street
San Francisco (SOMA) — UNITED STATES

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Fixed desk

1/2 handmade xxl desk 1people

One of our custom made XXL desks are shared by 2 persons. The workspace for one person is spacious enough for: a laptop with external monitor and enough working space for anything else you might need (pen and paper, tablet or abacus).

  • 400 USD / Month