Candy + Work

What could be better than being in the hustle and bustle of SF and having access to free candy? Very few things. It's perks on perks on perks.

Join us on the 6th floor of an open-air space near Powell BART station. The building is conveniently located to coffee shops and restaurants, as well as the shops near Union Square. The office has an open workspace format with beautiful 5-foot wooden desks. Resident company staff is extremely friendly and warm. The giant plastic Gummi Bear, Rover, is particularly fond of strangers.

$500/month/desk in the heart of SF at a candy retail start-up
4 desks available for individuals or a small team
All leases are flexible and month-to-month

* Free Internet / Printing / Scanning
* Fridge / Kitchenette
* Conference room access
* Private bathroom for office
* Utilities included in price
* Cushy common area
* Free candy all day, every day

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 1
Desk 4
ft² 4
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 00:00 - 00:00
Sat 00:00 - 00:00
Sun 00:00 - 00:00

The Candy Store

49 Powell Street
San Francisco (Union Square) — UNITED STATES

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Fixed desk

Fixed desk space 1people

Group of desks

from 2000.00 USD/Month 4people

Group of desks for individuals or a small company. Free WiFi + perks of the office!

  • 2000 USD / Month