BUNDSPACE co-working space for the creative industry in Shanghai

Bundspace Services


Our flexible co-working desks are available at daily, weekly and monthly rates.

150 RMB per desk per day
400 RMB per desk per week (instead of 600)
1000 RMB per desk per month (instead of 2000)

Included are WIFI Internet, full reception service and free use of meeting rooms & event rooms.


Virtual office service with PR, marketing and sales support. In the past four years we have supported 40 companies in many different ways and facilitated 2,5 million EUR of investment in China, please inform how we can support your business.


Independent loft office units and larger office spaces are available in the renovated warehouse 1929 ART SPACE, if your company needs more space, we can offer it.

Our Background

Bundspace is an offspring from the Dutch Design Workspace, which was founded and supported by the Dutch government in 2010 as a Public Private Partnership.

Our incubator model has proven to be highly successful in promoting Dutch design in China. In the past years we have supported 250 professionals, 40 companies working in our co-working space and created 50 jobs in China.

Furthermore we have created 4,5 million EUR in marketing value for our participants and facilitated 2,5 million EUR of foreign investment in China,

In 2014 our team set up Bundspace to roll out this successful model for business support to companies from all nationalities.

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 3
Desk 38
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00
Sat closed
Sun closed


Room 8518, Floor 5, No.687 Dong Da Ming Road, - Hong Kou District, Shanghai.
Shanghai (Shanghai International Cruise Terminal) — China, CHINA

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Hot desk

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INTRODUCTION OFFER: Feel free to ask our staff about an introduction offer. The Bundspace is located in a renovated factory building within the inner ring of Shanghai. Excellent public transport connections give you easy access to the rest of the city and country. Fully serviced office space in the heart of Hongkou District. Monthly package includes: -individual workstation -wifi & cable internet - telephone lines available -reception service -cleaning -meeting rooms -air-conditioning -utility fees included -free use of event lounge -large outdoor terrace space -high-quality office facilities -access to Shanghai’s best foreign design business community

  • 10 EUR / Hour
  • 18 EUR / Day
  • 50 EUR / Week
  • 235 EUR / Month