Apply to join a community of bootstrappers, builders and disrupters in StartupHouse, SOMA, San Francisco

StartupHouse is a 3 story hub for entrepreneurs and their teams. We are located at 934 Howard St, right at the intersection of Mary St, next door to TechShop, Bar Tempest, Square's HQ and Blue Bottle Coffee just a block away.
We have 50 desks for coworking (shared office), large amount of space for hosting events and meetups bringing local and foreign entrepreneurs in the mix.

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 2
Desk 40
ft² 4000
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00
Sat closed
Sun closed

StartupHouse Coworking Space In SF

934 howard

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I've been here for almost two months now, and I really like the location and the people. It's just about two blocks from the local Bart (subway) station, and the other people working here are all busy on amazing projects (everything from new startups to machine learning consultants).

Nate Desmond - StartupHouse Coworking Space in SF review Nate Desmond

Hot desk

Happy hour member 1people

You have 5 days per month to use the space during regular business hours (9am - 6pm). Other benefits will include access and deferred legal assistance, accounting consulting, FounderCard discount, Rackspace Startup program eligibility and access to events and community at StartupHouse.

  • 100 USD / Month

Hot desk

from 199.00 USD/Month 1people

This is a plan for bootstrappers - access the space all month during business hours and share a desk with another person.

  • 199 USD / Month

Hot desk

from 150.00 USD/Month 1people

Like to work at night? Get our plan that kicks in 6pm and work until 9am every weekday as well as through the weekend.

  • 150 USD / Month

Fixed desk

from 550.00 USD/Month 1people

Power, wifi, and a desk for you to claim as your own. Access to space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to a conference room.

  • 550 USD / Month