Coworking and Collaboration

A humble space with awesome-fast Internet.

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 1
Desk 5
ft² 500
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00
Sat closed
Sun closed

San Leandro Coworking

400 Estudillo Ave, Suite 204
San Leandro (downtown) — CA, UNITED STATES

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Hot desk

Standing desk 1people

This is a desk that you stand at (no chair). Looks out the 2nd floor window.

  • 20 USD / Day
  • 250 USD / Month

Hot desk

from 20.00 USD/Day 1people

A nice workspace with shelves. Big monitor, external keyboard and mouse are available to use. Fast Wi-Fi!

  • 20 USD / Day
  • 250 USD / Month