Space for professionals

In our modern coworking-loft in Berlin Kreuzberg you'll find highly specialized Freelancers, ready to realize sophisticated and innovative online-projects. We offer competent advice and implementation of complex Online- and Mobile applications.

Reasons to join welance coworking:

- a unique collective with professional freelancers
- nice loft atmosphere
- healthy HAG chairs (your back will love it!)
- bright daylight and a lot of windows
- whiteboard walls to be creative
- fully equiped meetingroom
- Techmags for free
- a Zoo, a Pool and a lot of green around the corner to relax

Where competence, confidence and the belief in common goals come together - the combined forces can unfold their knowledge and expertise.

We are always looking for likeminded freelancers to join the welance collective. If you're looking for a professional workspace, a nice athmosphere and professional coworkers you should drop us a line.

### German Version ###

Online-Projekte sind extrem vielseitig und erfordern tiefgehende Fachkenntnisse. Wo es früher Allround-Talente gab, können heute weder Agenturen noch Einzelpersonen alle Arbeiten und Aspekte kompetent abdecken. Im "space for professionals" stehen erfahrene Experten für nahezu jede Anforderung bereit. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass ein vielfältiges Team spezialisierter Fachkräfte das Beste Ziel erreichen kann - und auch darüber hinaus.

Für unseren Coworking-Space suchen stets kreative Köpfe in allen Online-Disziplinen - vom Programmierer, Texter, SEO-Experten bis zum redegewandten Projektmanager & Konzepter.

Als Freelancer kennen wir die Vor- und Nachteile dieser Arbeitsform - und wir wissen, dass große Projekte nach übergreifender Kompetenz verlangen. Bei welance findest Du, was Du allein nicht bieten kannst - und eine ganze Menge mehr

Coworking Space Details
Rooms 6
Desk 25
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 08:00 - 23:30
Sat closed
Sun closed


Waldemarstraße 37a
Berlin — GERMANY

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Noise Level

Interior looks really decent, nice and wide desks with the most comfy chairs on this planet!
Most of the clients that get in invited to that space are amazed by this interior styling.
The collective is always kind, polite and open minded. Inspiring and energetic atmosphere. Since august 2013, i have never had a feeling of being bothered by something or someone. The relatively compact size of this space makes it easy to meet and get to know the community members.
From my point of view, this space motivates me a lot to come to work day by day.

jeremy richter - welance review jeremy richter

The location the room and the office furniture itself is pretty awesome.
Quiteness: it's pretty good, but it's a co space after all.
Wifi: 2x50mbit I think but from time to time the Router needs a reboot. The last weeks it's getting better though.

The space is good, clean and bright.
The welance collective is definitely a good environment if you are looking for a group of people that might ask you to get involved in projects (mostly web) from time to time.

Drinks (beers, mate, cola, etc.) are 1€ (and always in the fridge) and a good coffee machine it there to help you keep up the energy.
Lunch breaks are always different thanks to his central (xberg) location or its nice kitchen space (no stove, but enough for heating up food or prepare yourself a salad).

There are many afterwork activities you can do since parks, bars, gyms or swimming pools are really close, and for the workaholics: 24/7 is available on request.

Overall: a great workplace with very nice hosts!

Hot desk

10/30 1people

Fixed desk

from 200.00 EUR/Month 1people

Your own Desk for the complete month. It is also possible to get a key for the office.

  • 200 EUR / Month