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ShareDesk is ideal for anyone that has spare workspaces within their office. We have a range of properties being rented on ShareDesk today, including: coworking spaces, corporate offices, business centers, business lounges, startup incubators, and fabrication labs. We’ve also seen photographers and artists renting out their studios, and bands sharing their recording studio.

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When a user books a workstation at your workspace, ShareDesk will collect 15% of the total booking price. You can collect the remaining 85% balance on your own custom terms (for example on the check-in date, or month by month, or on a daily basis).

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ShareDesk takes a 15% fee on every successful booking.
Which means that the service is FREE and you get charged 15% only if we successfully rent your space out!

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Setting up your listing is easy! Simply click on the “List your space” button at the top of the page and enter the basic information required regarding your property and the workstations that you want to share. It is important to upload high quality pictures, and a detailed description to help people learn more about your space. Finally, add your pricing information and you’re all set!

Take 5 minutes to setup your workspace page.

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ShareDesk is completely FREE to use. You can signup, contact the hosts, and book a workspace with no additional fees. The only costs you will be charged are the booking costs to use a space.

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When you book a space, we collect a Reservation Deposit, which equals the 15% of the total cost of the booking. You will have to pay the remaining balance (85% of the booking cost) directly to the host on custom terms (day by day, month by month etc).

It's pretty simple and secure. Sign up now to find and book your next workspace!

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We implement various recognized security measures to ensure data and payment security. We have been SSL certified and our platform is PCI compliant. Our data is hosted on MediaTemple, one of the most secure hosting services to ensure that your information is 100% safe.

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