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Seattle was an early adopter of coworking, with spaces like Office Nomads starting up in 2008. The city has a high concentration of technology companies as well as freelancers, creating the perfect environment for mobile work. Seattle is also experiencing low vacancy rates and strong tenant demand, especially in the downtown areas, driving rental prices up. With many companies wanting to set-up base or open an office in the area, flexible workplaces are an affordable and feasible option for them to pursue.

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About Seattle

Seattle is located on the coast of the state of Washington, giving it a west coast vibe, but also it’s own unique feel. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and it known for its thriving start-up scene. The city also attracts world-class talent in the technology sector. Living and working in Seattle is an exciting adventure, with skiing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities within an hour of the downtown core. With increasing demand to take part in all the city has to offer, the activity-based workforce will continue to expand as traditional real estate options become un-affordable.

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Seattle’s workforce is diverse, with the city’s largest industries being Aerospace, ICT, Clean Tech, and Life Sciences. Partly due to the city’s large start-up scene as well as the University of Washington’s strong computer-science and electrical-engineering programs, Seattle has a large technology talent pool, attracting companies such as FaceBook, Google, eBay, and Microsoft. With workforce of mobile professionals, Seattle resembles the city of the future where it’s more about the quality of your work and less about where you do it.