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With the recent decline of the Spanish economy, Madrid experienced a large increase in the number of independent workers as well as a rapid rise in coworking spaces. Incubators and accelerators, catered towards start-ups and innovative new ideas emerged, marking Madrid as a new hub for a mobile workforce. The city has since hosted the annual Coworking Spain Conference, attracting professionals from across Europe. Madrid is expected to continue to innovate around the concept of flexible work.

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Day offices in Madrid are located in all neighborhoods of the city. Alternatively, you can also find a downtown meeting room rental in Madrid.


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About Madrid

Madrid, the capital and largest city of Spain, is one of the world’s major global cities with influences in entertainment, fashion, politics, arts and business. The city is very multi-cultural, attracting professionals from around the world. Madrid is also considered the financial center of Southern Europe, but also a key player in technology and innovation. Considering its modern and cosmopolitan feel, the city has still maintained many of its historic neighborhoods. The city’s narrow and winding streets are densely populated with many small shops, restaurants and cafes. Madrid’s rental rates are expected to recover as the economy improves; currently prices are low but Madrid still maintains the highest office rental rates in the country.

Work in Madrid

From the early 1900’s, Madrid experienced significant growth in its service sector, more specifically in information technology, media, publications and financial services. This attracted investment and resulted in the vast majority of the major Spanish companies locating their head office in Madrid. The city was placed on the map as as one of the best place in Europe to do business. Madrid was hit hard by the economic crisis, however a movement of idea generation and sharing emerged between entrepreneurs, resulting in initiatives such as the city’s own Silicon Valley, Chamberi Valley, which was founded in 2010. The city continues to be a great place to work and live, and the number of opportunities is only expected to grow.