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Some weeks ago we talked about how coworking was making our cities smarter. On the same degree, I think that the whole Collaborative Consumption movement will make the way we produce things much smarter than it currently is. Continue Reading…


TaskRabbit, AirBnB and RelayRides explain how people generate real income by offering their time and assets for use in their community.



Welcome to the second episode of the Bootstrapping Coworking series.

Today we’ll have a talk with Swantje Wendt, owner of Nadelwald Co-Sewing space, one of the most original coworking spaces in Berlin.

Launched almost one year ago (if you are reading us from Berlin, be sure to not to miss the birthday party on September 22nd) Nadelwald is a wonderfully furnished facility in the Neukölln neighbourhood which allows people to rent sewing machine equipped desks.

Originally thought as a spot for fashion designers, it’s now become a place where DIY lovers come to learn how to produce their own clothes and accessories.

To put it in Swantje’s words:

no more shopping guys — Let’s do something by your own.

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How can Silicon Valley make stuff-sharing work?

Amazing insights from the worlds of tech, policy, and bricks-and-mortar business at the June Collaborative Chats. Check out the video of our full conversation.

Prefer to read about it? You can pore through Shareable’s great recap of the event here.


Did you know that giving away the stuff to you neighbors is cool, and it can positively affect the entire community you live in?

Two weeks ago we talked a little bit about the CoSume Project, a collaborative marketplace where you can share, borrow and buy stuff with your friends.

In the meanwhile I’ve tried out another cool Collaborative Consumption application, called NeighborGoods, which allows you to share and look for stuff in your neighborhood. Continue Reading…


The Sharing Economy is rising, and it’s considered to be the “next big thing” in the economical world.

Many applications and platforms are already trying to tackle the needs of the new “collaborative consumption” movement, such as ZipCar, or Zaarly. Continue Reading…