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No matter if you are from San Francisco, Turin or Cairo, as a freelancer or independent worker, you can benefit from working in a coworking space.


Working in contact with other people is more inspirational than working alone, and it’s a boost for your creativity: you can get good advice, collaborate with others on projects, or discuss your consolidated practices.

Even if, especially in the beginning, the thought of confrontation might be scary, you will see that it’s all about learning: fellow coworkers will give you the priceless possibility to learn a lot, to see how skilled professionals handle their jobs, thus empowering yourself with new and valuable knowledge.

Life and Work Balance

Performing your daily duties in a coworking space will help you keep work life and personal life separated from each other: you will not only be forced to, at the very least, put your pants on while sitting in front of your computer, but also you will be able to do your job in a distraction-free environment.

More importantly, you will develop a more efficient work schedule, and we all know how much it’s important to maintan such a routine.

Finally, your work day will be way more enjoyable, because you will meet new people and build your personal and professional network. :)


Have you ever been stuck on a problem while doing a project, banging you head against the monitor trying to solve it, maybe because you lacked the right skillset?

Let’s admit it, sometimes it’s just better to let someone else with the right knowledge deal with certain kind of stuff, and a coworking space is one of the best place to get in touch with a designer for that logo, or an iOS developer for that mobile app.

Given their ability to gather various type of professionals, coworking spaces are sweet spots to find new collaborators and team members for your projects.

What do you think? Has coworking improved your productivity?

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