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Coworking Manager’s Guide to…Building a Community

Coworking spaces are communities of diverse individuals and are often very fluid environments. As a coworking manager you may ask yourself, how can I make my clients feel welcome regardless of how long they stay? How can I build a community in my coworking space that embraces and showcases how diverse my community really is? […]

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Introducing NEW Community Features; ShareDesk CONNECT!

We Promised you community features, your delivery has arrived!  Contrary to popular believe, the lower the price of a workspace does not always increase its likeliness of success. The positive attitude towards pricing is something transient, not permanent, especially when the economy is stable, people are less concerned with costs, and more focused on opportunities.The […]

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What corporations and organizations can learn from coworking

In the video embedded at the bottom of the page, produced by Mutinerie, an awesome coworking space in Paris, there are some interesting considerations about Coworking and the corporate world. It has already been pointed out that many businesses, especially small businesses and startups, are abandoning their offices to move towards shared workspaces. But even if the trend […]

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