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Future of Work with Ed Fidoe

Ed Fidoe, education reformer and co-founder of School 21 and education coworking space, Edspace. This week we had a chance to speak with a founder who is not only focused on the future of work, but also the future of education. Edspace, a coworking venue based in London, focuses on hosting companies who want to innovate within education. Built […]

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A Coworking Manager’s Guide to…Interior Design

Welcome, welcome to the inaugural post in our latest blog series, ‘A Coworking Manager’s Guide to…Interior Design’. Why start with interior design? Coworking is changing where and how we work, and ranking high amongst the most noticeable differences versus traditional working is the physical environment. “When you walk into most offices, the space tells you […]

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Future of Work with Galen King

Galen King, Founder of The Bridge Street Collective, the first—and only—award-winning coworking space in Nelson, New Zealand. I think when most coworkers envision an idyllic coworking space they probably think of a space in a warm coastal island town, right next to the ocean, tucked away somewhere halfway across the world. Well, The Bridge Street Collective, […]

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Introducing ‘A Coworking Manager’s Guide to…’

A new blog series sharing all that we’ve learned from working closely with our venue partners around the world. We’re excited to announce the latest ShareDesk blog series, ‘A Coworking Manager’s Guide to…’ Each month we’ll hone in on a particular aspect of running a shared office space, pooling knowledge from venues all over the […]

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