We’re excited to announce a new milestone. With a network of over 1,500 locations in 65 countries; ShareDesk is now the leading global platform for flexible workplaces. We want to thank you for your continued support!

Over the past year, we’ve focused on building a trusted platform for people to discover and share workplaces around the world. Looking ahead, we will continue building key tools to facilitate the productivity of both people and workplaces.

A new model of work has emerged, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Over the last decade, technological advancements have minimized the need for employees to be as physically present in a traditional, fixed, office setting. At the heart of this change is the ubiquity of high-speed Internet access, mobile technologies and cloud-based collaboration tools. This is changing the nature of employee relationships and requires better technologies to create effective collaborations.

At the heart of this shift is the nature of the workplace itself, from four office walls and cubicles, to the emergence of new flexible workplace models that allows employees to work from anywhere, anytime. The future of work and workplaces will be designed around the individual to allow more flexibility and productivity.


We’re excited about the opportunity to help large organizations better access mobile workplace solutions. These solutions will help enterprise companies and millions of professionals gain more flexibility in how they access work and meeting spaces around the world. This brings us a step closer towards our vision of building a more flexible future for mobile workers!

ShareDesk launches out of Beta

Sharing, trading and barter are the backbones of commerce and although it’s hard to imagine, the idea of money as the only medium for transferring value is a rather new concept. The resurgence of these trends in the exchange of goods and services should come as no surprise then, the only difference being that we now call it something different, collaborative consumption.

The Internet has turned the world into a bazaar, where we can convert our excess capacity into cash on virtually everything we own, from old power tools to office space. We recently shared a video with some of the hard numbers in the sharing economy, such as:

  • Most of us have about $3,000 worth of unused items in our homes
  • 70% of people surveyed said they would rent out those items if they knew how
  • 4 out 10 say they would like to start their own business


Affordable office space is the first step in helping those kids, or entrepreneurs-to-be, start up their companies. At ShareDesk, we make it easy for companies to rent out their idle workspaces to mobile professionals. You can advertise your underused real estate or access a network of over 1,400 collaborative workplaces in 65 countries.


If you are wondering why you would want to share something as private as a workspace, here are a few convincing financial incentives:

1. Lower expenses for mobile professionals – Real estate and hardware are often the largest expense items in a startup’s launch budget. Sharing office space means you could land your first client before signing your first office lease and that makes everyone, from the landlord to the investors, much more secure.

2. Professional environment for entrepreneurs – Many entrepreneurs end up doing their pre-launch work from home and in public spaces like coffee shops. A professional environment is much more efficient for getting your work done without distractions while it offers all the resources you need at your disposal.


3. The incalculable boon of conversation – Analysts point to the aspect of networking in business incubators as one of their most powerful features. A gathering of people facing the same challenges and working in close contact is a recipe for brainstorming innovation. Many of those who have tried office sharing find that it operates like a mini-incubator, bringing you in close contact with other entrepreneurs in your area. Even if they aren’t in your industry, the networking effect has substantial and measurable practical value.

4. Culture – Perhaps the most significant effect of sharing office space is joining a culture that revolves around people and experiences. Working in flexible workplaces allows you to work in places where you find the best cultural fit. You can look beyond the physical characteristics of a workplace, and join a workplace based on industry relevance and cultural fit. It also opens a window for you to see how much your own unused capacity is worth as a new revenue source, such as renting out part of your apartment to Airbnb or helping people in your community with tasks and errands on TaskRabbit. This allows you to be part of a community of likeminded people, that connect and share and embark on new experiences.


One thing is for certain, as more people take part in the sharing economy, the benefits will become clearer, and we will see ‘sharing’ as a powerful social and economic force. We are living in a different world now. We are connected more than ever thanks to mobile devices, and internet connectivity. You can exchange ideas, assets, and resources quickly, and at lower costs. On the same note, where we work makes a big difference on our productivity and lifestyle. We believe that the is a better way to work, a way that is more flexible and focused on the individual. We want to make work a better experience people by opening access to collaborative workplaces.


The 2nd Global Sharing Day is taking place on June 2, 2013. This year’s theme will be food! Yes, food! There is way too much food being wasted every single day, while at the same time hundreds of millions of people do not have access to an adequate supply of food. We need a solution, a collective action to help make a positive impact and change to reduce waste and share food.

The 2012 Global Sharing Day reached more than 60 million people in over 147 countries around the world. This year’s projection looks even better as the organizers of the event partnered up with change-makers; The Big Lunch, MealSharing and StreetPin, along with an additional 184 partners to “bring you the BIGGEST sharing event yet”.


Do you want to take part? Here are some useful links:

If you are interested in joining the event here are some useful links you can check out:

More information on last year’s event:

Here’s a video from the past Global Sharing Day: Benita Matofska speaking at the Global Sharing Day Parliamentary reception on 14th November 2012

Hello world!

We have an exciting update for all of you sharing workplaces on ShareDesk! This update allows you to complete and edit your workplace listing in an easier, quicker and fun format.

We decided to move in this direction for two main reasons. First, in-page editing requires less clicking back-and-forth and effort which makes the experience of adding a new space more fluid

Second, it provides a better perspective of what the end result will look like and reduce the likeliness of missing information. As you work through updating your profile and workplace information, you will see appear as you go. This enables you to easily fix any obvious inconsistencies. Continue Reading…

Hello ShareDesk!

A quick announcement on a new notifications feature that we added to ShareDesk this week.

Improved Notifications & Alerts

As you may have noticed, the upper right corner of the screen has been redesigned to make room for our new notification system. This is created to alert you of all events and activities that happen on your ShareDesk account- such as messages, booking requests, product announcements and similar events. The system is configured to send you (if you have signed up to receive them) along with a notification that will appear in this area mentioned above.



For hosts, new booking requests will automatically create an alert, marked by a highlighted small bell icon at the upper right corner of your account page. Similarly  when a booking requests is accepted or rejected, a notification will be created for the users as well. Please note that system notifications we send you regarding your account will appear in the same area. Finally, we have improved messaging system to create alerts in notification area, marked with a balloon icon. We are making some exciting improvements to the messaging and interactions functionalities to be more fluid and encourage community discussions.

Please note that each  alert is followed with an email notification which is sent to your user e-mail account. You can easily adjust your email settings to suit your preference. (e-mail settings can be changed in the Profile Page, under the “email settings” tab).

Coming Soon!

1. In-Page Editing

The old days of the back-end dashboards will soon come to an end, at least for ShareDesk! We’re making bold updates to ShareDesk’s “Manage Space” page to be more integrated and easier to complete.

With our updated dashboard you’ll be able to create and edit shared workspaces in a click-to-edit format. This means that you’ll be given a clean template of your space page that you can simply edit by clicking on the various sections, which prompt a pop-up module to input your information. This makes it easier and more efficient for you to work through creating a profile for your shared workplace and personal profile. You will then be able to see your progress and final result without having to browse back-and-forth or opening new windows.

(The screenshots below showcase an example of how you would edit workstations.)


2. Community Reviews

Soon we will unveil our Community Reviews feature to help you better learn about your fellow coworkers and shared workplaces. Community Reviews will help facilitate a way to provide feedback and ensure accountability. Each time you rent a space or join a new community, you are able to share your experience. These experiences collectively help create a more informed community, and improve the experience for ShareDesk members.

These are just a few features that we have put into the pipeline based on our discussions and your feedback. Please continue to share your thoughts with us on these and future updates and let us know how we can make ShareDesk better.


Some weeks ago we talked about how coworking was making our cities smarter. On the same degree, I think that the whole Collaborative Consumption movement will make the way we produce things much smarter than it currently is. Continue Reading…

Here’s an awesome video with some facts and numbers about the Sharing Economy.

Some of them are astonishing:

There are 1 billion cars in the world, and 740 milions of them is occupied by just 1 person.

Our houses are filled with $3000 worth of unused items on average: unsurprisingly 69% of the owners would share these items if they could make money out of it.

But most important, 8 out of 10 people says that:

“Sharing make us more happy!”

Continue Reading…

As we promised, we brought you the hourly booking feature. An essential tool to allow our users to book meeting rooms, conference rooms and desks by the hour.

hourly Continue Reading…

Feb 2013 New Features!

Enrico Cassinelli —  February 6, 2013


This is our third 2013 post, and it’s filled with some very important updates: from a brand new payment system, passing by an improved Search, and going to the “Custom Request” shiny new feature, here’s a detailed outlook of what we’ve been doing during the holidays. Continue Reading…

Coming Soon…

Enrico Cassinelli —  February 2, 2013


404 Error The page is gone

Hold tight! New features heading your way!  

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make office sharing a truly simple & enjoyable experience for you. This latest update brings us a step closer to that goal. Our team is now putting the final touches on this. A few things to expect from the updated ShareDesk:

#1 – New Look & Feel

We’ve thought about a design renovation- it’s not too radical, but our goal is to make the experience more fluid, with emphasis on usability.

#2 – Improved Search

We’ve re-engineered our Search functionality- changing not only the look and feel, but also the stuff under the hood. The goal is to create a better search experience, more relevant search results, and filtering options.

#3 – New Reservations System & More Payment Options

ShareDesk’s NEW reservation system will make it even easier and more accessible for you to book a workspace or meeting room using our platform. We’ve added PayPal because, well, you asked!

#4 – New Feature: “Custom Requests”

Custom Requests is built for teams and startups. This feature allows you to submit your tailored workplace requirement to ShareDesk. We will do our best to help you find EXACTLY what you’re looking for- based on the criteria that you submitted to us. Perfect for high growth companies, and teams looking for flexible workspace solutions.

When ?

Very soon…the countdown is on! :)