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ShareDesk Platform Update

We’re excited to announce that ShareDesk has offically launched a new platform update, our most advanced release to date. It includes several new features, and marks the public release of ShareDesk Optix, the workspace management application to power our network of shared offices. This launch brings us a step closer to our mission of evolving […]

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The Future of Work With: Philipp Hentschel

Philipp Hentschel, Co-founder of welance Philipp Hentschel is the co-founder of welance, one of Berlin’s well-known coworking spaces located in the heart of the Kreuzberg neighbourhood. Having freelanced himself for over 12 years, Philipp has always understood the benefits of working alongside others in the same space. However, it wasn’t until four years ago when he teamed up […]

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Introducing ‘The Future of Work With…’

A blog series profiling members of the ShareDesk community We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog series, ‘The Future of Work With…’. Over the coming months we will be speaking with our diverse network of entrepreneurs, business travellers, industry thought leaders, freelancers, and flexible workplace operators to share their stories and experiences on […]

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Know Your Space

We already know the benefits of working in a flexible workspace over a home office, but what about working from a coffee shop or a library? Are they good alternatives to working from home? We are here to outline a few reasons why a flexible workspace is better for you and your business. Photo Credit: Gravity Coworking – […]

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Coworking: The Benefits of Collaborative Workspaces

From a single collaborative workspace in San Francisco in 2005, coworking as a concept has ballooned into a popular movement, with over an estimated 3000 spaces around the world. Coworking offers obvious benefits to freelancers and individuals, but as Tim Butcher and Julian Waters-Lynch explain, the principles of coworking have great potential for big businesses […]

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3 Simple Ways to Polish-Up Your Venue Profile

Wondering what it takes to make your venue profile stand out? We’ve done our research and found that there are 3 key differentiators that successful ShareDesk partner venues all have in common. Photo credit: ClubRooms Euston – 01. Beautiful Pictures Take the time to capture beautiful, high-resolution photos of your space, including the individual workspaces that you’ve listed ...

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