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Coworking: A Compelling Solution For the Unconventional Professional The Way We Work

Content piece originally posted as a guest blog on Upwork  We’ve come a long way from the days of the in-office cubicle and rigidly-defined 9-to-5 schedule. In an effort to continue attracting top talent, many companies have transitioned to a much more flexible approach to ”working from the office.” We’ve also seen many professionals embrace […]

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Future of Work with Ahmet Onur

Ahmet Onur, Co-Founder of Istanbul workspace collective, Kolektif House. This week we had a chance to chat with Ahmet, one of the three co-founders of Kolektif House. After spending five months travelling across India and Latin America, living and working in remote collective communities, Ahmet returned home to Turkey to start a project with purpose. His goal […]

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Why Your Coworking Space Needs Optix in 2016

Having a workspace management software is important for any coworking space. From storing your members’ information, to understanding who’s accessing your space, to keeping track of invoices, workspace management softwares save venues time, money and headaches. But wait, what is a workspace management software in the first place? In short, it provides venues with the […]

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How the coworking movement is revitalizing the Old World

Guest blog written by Gustavo Franco Cruz, journalist and founder of BCNewt Barcelona-based coworking space The European Coworking Conference took place last month in Milan, Italy, gathering over 400 thought leaders and coworking founders from across Europe. Many themes and topics were explored as participants shared their excitement with one another; their excitement to be […]

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ShareDesk Platform Update

We’re excited to announce that ShareDesk has offically launched a new platform update, our most advanced release to date. It includes several new features, and marks the public release of ShareDesk Optix, the workspace management application to power our network of shared offices. This launch brings us a step closer to our mission of evolving […]

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