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Future of Work with Galen King

Galen King, Founder of The Bridge Street Collective, the first—and only—award-winning coworking space in Nelson, New Zealand. I think when most coworkers envision an idyllic coworking space they probably think of a space in a warm coastal island town, right next to the ocean, tucked away somewhere halfway across the world. Well, The Bridge Street Collective, […]

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Bootstrapping Coworking #3 – Accelerating Startups in San Francisco

RocketSpace, a San Francisco based accelerator for technology and new media startups currently hosts over 120 companies in its Four-story offices in SOMA, San Francisco. RocketSpace was launched in early 2011 by technology exec Duncan Logan, who was frustrated by his search for flexible office space at the time. In less than two years RocketSpace […]

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The CoSume Project

The Sharing Economy is rising, and it’s considered to be the “next big thing” in the economical world. Many applications and platforms are already trying to tackle the needs of the new “collaborative consumption” movement, such as ZipCar, or Zaarly. One of the latest services I stumbled upon is the Cosume Project. The team […]

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