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Coworking: The Benefits of Collaborative Workspaces

From a single collaborative workspace in San Francisco in 2005, coworking as a concept has ballooned into a popular movement, with over an estimated 3000 spaces around the world. Coworking offers obvious benefits to freelancers and individuals, but as Tim Butcher and Julian Waters-Lynch explain, the principles of coworking have great potential for big businesses […]

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Global Sharing Day 2013

The 2nd Global Sharing Day is taking place on June 2, 2013. This year’s theme will be food! Yes, food! There is way too much food being wasted every single day, while at the same time hundreds of millions of people do not have access to an adequate supply of food. We need a solution, […]

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What to do on Global Sharing Day

On Nov. 14th 2012, a series of global events is taking place to celebrate one of the most awesome human behaviour: Sharing! Launched by by the People Who Share, the Global Sharing Day (#globalsharingday) is a ensemble of local events, organized in hundreds of cities worldwide and involving thousands of people and organization. Here’s an overview […]

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