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Here’s another, yet fundamental, reason for you to consider when choosing between working at home and working in a coworking space.

Ping Pong…

  • is something you can do if you’re your own boss
  • can’t be done if you work on your own at home
  • It’s a great way to enhance comunity

Thanks to Domenech 7 Coworking Space from Barcelona for the awesome tip and video!


Simple Coworking Rule: #1

Enrico Cassinelli —  December 27, 2011

The video is quite old, I know, but I think it will be useful for those who are new to the coworking world, and at the same time it could also be a nice reminder for the veterans:

Simple Coworking Rule #1: Headphones

  1. No headphones on: free to chat
  2. 1 headphone on: keep it brief
  3. both headphones on: ….

The video was produced by Blank Spaces, a Los Angeles Coworking Space.