Will cannot emphasize this enough..

Coworking is not just about desks; It’s about people.

In the last couple of days, I’ve been working at Mutinerie, a coworking space in Paris, and the statement above has never been so true as in this case. Aside the warm welcome reserved to me by the “Chef Mutin” Sanya, the atmosphere you can breath here is fantastic: quiet, relaxed, and easy going.

The space is filled with the diverse range of professionals: from the developers typing code who were sitting on the right side of the ping-pong table, where I was working, to film makers, project managers, graphic designers, to the executive “suits” type :-) .

Cecile, Pascale and Helene

Cecile, Pascale and Helene

Community Lunch

I was lucky as Friday there was a “Community Lunch” taking place, prepared by Natalie and Daniel. We had a delicious tartiflette avec salade (tartiflette is a traditional french dish with potatoes, bacon, onion, cream and cheese, all backed up in the oven) plus a dessert with cinnamon flavored oranges and biscuits. As Antoine, one of the space managers, points out, it’s a spontaneous event, it’s not something planned in advance.

Natalie, the lady behind the initiative, is a former design teacher. She had to stop working after a health problem, but she’s now committed to go back on the job market, and wants to give her own career a turn. “I’m now writing design software books and manuals” she says “but I’d really love to go back and work as a designer, my first dream”.



Natalie chose to work in a coworking space because it’s easier for her to get along with other people rather than alone, also from a professional point of view, since she’s thrown right in the middle of the Paris freelancing scene. The other reason she chose to cowork, as she says, “It gives me a chance to provide good food to the community“.

The whole experience was awesome: almost everyone stopped working, leaving their desk and coming to the café/lounge in the near of the space, sharing the meal with the community.

During the lunch I had a talk with Antoine.



“The best thing you can find here is the people. It amazes me each time. There’s no day that pass without somebody starting a new partnership with someone else. It may be just some design collaboration, a logo in exchange of some help with PR, but it’s always wonderful to see people helping each other

~ Antoine – Mutin Palabreur at Mutinerie Coworking Space

As he points out, every community in early stages needs a place, a center to converge to, but after the seeds are planted, the place itself doesn’t make any difference.

It’s all about culture” says Antoine “we could well move or expand in another part of the city, but the culture we’ve created it’s going to move with us. That’s our most solid foundation, our cornerstone“.

The experience at the Mutinerie was awesome. If you’re passing by Paris and need an internet connection, a desk and some nice people, this spot definitely worth a try. Just thought I’d share my experience here.

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On Nov. 14th 2012, a series of global events is taking place to celebrate one of the most awesome human behaviour: Sharing!

Launched by by the People Who Share, the Global Sharing Day (#globalsharingday) is a ensemble of local events, organized in hundreds of cities worldwide and involving thousands of people and organization.

Here’s an overview of some interesting activities you can do on that day. Feel free to add your event in the comment below the post :-) Continue Reading…


When you surf a website or use an online application, you should take a moment to think about your interaction with the application and imagine how it is brought to life. Most platforms we use today are the result of careful crafting and meticulous design and development processes. A simple elegant UX design is one of the most important criteria we look at; it defines how we interact with our users.

We think it may be interesting to give you a quick look behind the scene on ShareDesk’s user experience.

dario “Everyday dynamics are the main inspiration for user experience design. ShareDesk lets you virtually enter workspaces and interact with people that you can approach and meet in person. It’s more than an interface, it’s visual storytelling, a landscape, an architecture of information built by the users.”

- Dario Aschero, ShareDesk’s Design Lead

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We Promised you community features, your delivery has arrived! 

Contrary to popular believe, the lower the price of a workspace does not always increase its likeliness of success. The positive attitude towards pricing is something transient, not permanent, especially when the economy is stable, people are less concerned with costs, and more focused on opportunities.The real, permanent added value of a coworking space are people and content.

That is why we have taken some early steps towards building a more community-oriented platform. We’ve engaged in lengthy conversations with our users and vendors, then taken a closer look at our development pipeline to make room for some features that could bring value to both sides. We are building a user-centric marketplace, and we thought the best way to start is to introduce our community product; ShareDesk Connect! Continue Reading…


TaskRabbit, AirBnB and RelayRides explain how people generate real income by offering their time and assets for use in their community.



RocketSpace, a San Francisco based accelerator for technology and new media startups currently hosts over 120 companies in its Four-story offices in SOMA, San Francisco.

RocketSpace was launched in early 2011 by technology exec Duncan Logan, who was frustrated by his search for flexible office space at the time. In less than two years RocketSpace has blown up to be one of the hottest platforms for tech entrepreneurs who want to access a space that provides much more than just a desk and great coffee.

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Welcome to the second episode of the Bootstrapping Coworking series.

Today we’ll have a talk with Swantje Wendt, owner of Nadelwald Co-Sewing space, one of the most original coworking spaces in Berlin.

Launched almost one year ago (if you are reading us from Berlin, be sure to not to miss the birthday party on September 22nd) Nadelwald is a wonderfully furnished facility in the Neukölln neighbourhood which allows people to rent sewing machine equipped desks.

Originally thought as a spot for fashion designers, it’s now become a place where DIY lovers come to learn how to produce their own clothes and accessories.

To put it in Swantje’s words:

no more shopping guys — Let’s do something by your own.

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If you are an Italian coworking lover, if you don’t know what coworking is and want to learn more, even if you are not Italian, but you’re passing by Italy on September 22nd and 23rd, you don’t want to miss the first Italian Coworking unConference.

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Welcome to the brand new “Bootstrapping Coworking” series.

Here we want to share the knowledge and the direct experiences of those that succeedingly launched a coworking space: from the idea inception to the final opening and subsequent promotion, we’ll try to cover every stage of the process.

For the first episode, we had a talk with Alessandro Di Tecco, an Italian UI designer.

In April 2012 Alessandro launched The Collective, a stylish coworking space in Verona, one of the most beautiful town in northern Italy (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

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…apparently Google cuts off access to its Maps service.


We are super delighted for the support from the community and the PR coverage we’ve received today- including INC Mag., Techvibes, The Next Web and Venture Beat, but the traffic has caught us a little off-guard!

What happened is that ShareDesk generated too many hits for Google Maps’ service and Google stopped serving our queries, causing a glitch in our search functionality. Not to worry, our mighty CTO Javier is looking into the issue, and working with the team to resolve this issue, soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work to bring everything back to normal, as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

~ Cassi and the Sharedesk Team