Optix, ShareDesk’s Business Solution, has arrived

ShareDesk —  February 19, 2014

ShareDesk is excited to announce the launch of its workplace management software and application, Optix. As the leading global platform for flexible workplaces, with a network of over 1,800 locations in 70 countries, ShareDesk is taking the next step towards providing seamless workplace mobility.

ShareDesk has designed an elegant, easy-to-use solution that addresses challenges faced by many serviced office spaces in a unique way, improving the flexible working experience for both space managers and mobile professionals.

Integrated Approach

Here at ShareDesk, we’ve spent considerable time running and working in shared offices and coworking facilities. Although we have fully-experienced the benefits of flexible work and managing flexible workplaces, we have also experienced some of the areas where specialized tools and utilities are long overdue.

As a space manager, the administrative burden of booking meeting rooms, tracking members’ usage or coordinating member sharing with another workplace can take away from running a business effectively and efficiently. As users of shared workspaces, time spent away from your work trying to track down a space manager as your just found out your meeting room has been double booked, can lead to a missed opportunity or worse.



Smart Meeting Rooms and Workspaces

Manage workspaces more effectively by allowing users to easily book, edit, or cancel reservations instantly online or through the Optix application on their mobile device.

✓ View real-time availability and meetings calendar

✓ Eliminate double bookings and un-attended meeting rooms


Secure and Private Office Networks

Are you currently sharing or interested in sharing your workspace with other shared office members nearby? Set up custom access to workspaces for internal or external use.

✓ Grant and revoke permission to users with a simple click

✓ Fully customize your office by categorizing shared and member-only workspaces


Want to learn more about ShareDesk Optix?  Check out our website



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