The Potential of the Sharing Economy: Numbers & Figures

Enrico Cassinelli —  March 14, 2013

Here’s an awesome video with some facts and numbers about the Sharing Economy.

Some of them are astonishing:

There are 1 billion cars in the world, and 740 milions of them is occupied by just 1 person.

Our houses are filled with $3000 worth of unused items on average: unsurprisingly 69% of the owners would share these items if they could make money out of it.

But most important, 8 out of 10 people says that:

“Sharing make us more happy!”

The video was produced by Uniiverse, a web based local marketplace to share and connect with people in real life. You can share everything: from sports activities, to knowledge, from unused stuff that sits in you garage to food & drinks.

Here’s a glimpse about how it works:

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Enrico Cassinelli