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On Nov. 14th 2012, a series of global events is taking place to celebrate one of the most awesome human behaviour: Sharing!

Launched by by the People Who Share, the Global Sharing Day (#globalsharingday) is a ensemble of local events, organized in hundreds of cities worldwide and involving thousands of people and organization.

Here’s an overview of some interesting activities you can do on that day. Feel free to add your event in the comment below the post :-)

Share Your Garden

For those who want to have an active role during the Global Sharing Day, Tree Hugger wrote 5 great “how to” ideas help you share your garden: from sharing seeds to sharing knowledge, it’s all up to you. Read More

Design for Sharing in London

If you’re in London on nov 14th and you love desing, you can’t miss this. Organized by Mozilla, the event is going to be split in two parts: a discussion about the future implications of the Sharing Economy in business, and a pratical workshop to help entrepreneurs build new business models and experiment with new design tools. Read More

Join Shareable in Australia

If you are from Melbourne, you can join Shareable’s “Sharign Economy” event, to learn more about local sharing opportunities, companies and much more. The event is going to take place at the Hub Melbourne. Read More.

Learn WorldWide with Skilio

As part of Global Sharing Day, Skilio members from China, Spain, Holland, Belgium, France, the UK and the United States will be running free online Skilio Sessions. Members will share their knowledge live with people across the globe using integrated webcam, chat and document share. Read More or take look at lessons scheduled on nov. 14th.

Pop Up Library in New York City

NYC Alley coworking space and Let’s Collaborate are partnering up to create a pop up library in the NYC Alley’s Lobby. Items borrowed will be insured up to 250$. If you have something to lend or if you need to borrow something else, read more here.

Global Sharing Day Super Swish

Swishing means “To rustle clothes from friends”, as they say on If you have unused beautiful clothes in your closet, you can do your part in the Global Sharing Day by creating your own Swishing party. Read the “how to” here.

How To Share

Beside these options, you can also refer to the Sareables’s “How To Share” guide to improve you sharing experience. ShareDesk is proud to be part of this event and hope that you will join us in spreading the word on this event, and the sharing movement!

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