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Emily Glazer

ShareDesk matches people looking for office space with hosts who have extra office space; it’s described as Airbnb for offices.

Emily Glazer – Wall Street Journal

Zak Stone

ShareDesk is the latest piece of the sharing economy, eliminating extra office space by giving it to freelancers looking for a more steady place to work

Zak Stone – Fast Company

Michael Carney

ShareDesk has...built an impressive global network of workspaces...[and] this network [is] expected to grow to 4,000 within the next 12 months.

Michael Carney – Pando Daily

Erica Swallow

ShareDesk is enabling mobile workers to flexibly book spaces to work in.

Erica Swallow – Forbes

Christina DesMarais

If you have some unused space at your office, there's a new platform [ShareDesk] you might want to check out.

Christina DesMarais – Inc

Michelle Goodman

ShareDesk offers facilities an all-in-one solution. They can use Optix to automate bookings, calendars, accept payments, track memberships and even analyze usage of available desks, offices and meeting rooms.

Michelle Goodman – Entrepreneur Magazine

Chris Stokel-Walker

ShareDesk offers 2,400 different workplaces in 70 different countries across the globe. It lists workspaces on its website, and provides a booking service for venues and prospective renters.

Chris Stokel-Walker – The Economist

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ShareDesk has partnered with over 2,400 venues in 440 cities across 70 countries, and counting.

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